Scranton Certified Welders, CNC Machining and Metal Fabrication
Scranton Certified Welders, CNC Machining and Metal Fabrication
Scranton Certified Welders, CNC Machining and Metal Fabrication

MW Welding

Specializing in Certified Welders, CNC Machining and Metal Fabrication

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Certified Welders in Scranton

Are you tired of low-quality welding?

Are you tired of dealing with missed deadlines and slow turnaround times?

Are you tired of asking your welding company to come back and fix jobs they’ve done wrong?

If so, sounds like it’s time you need to contact Scranton’s leading certified welders at MW Welding. We don’t mess around. Everything we do, we do properly, no questions asked. Welding is not a matter of employment for us. It’s a part of who we are. And we have extremely high expectations for ourselves.

All our welders have spent years training and apprenticing under the region’s top welders. By pairing this expertise with a friendly and respectful customer-oriented approach, we’ve established ourselves as a Scranton local leader in welding services.

Dependable, Experienced Welding Services

MW Welding is Scranton’s top choice for any and all welding tasks. Our passion lies in combining traditional welding methods with state-of-the-art machinery and computer technology.

MW Welding’s highly qualified staff can take on any welding challenge. Whether you require welding services for a new construction, equipment repair, or any other purpose, we have the resources and experience your project needs.

With safety as our top priority, we promise meticulous, reliable welds with incredible longevity. In addition to our exceptional customer service, we’re pleased to offer competitive pricing and free quotes for our welding services.

Why settle for second best? Contact MW Welding today!

TIG Welding, Micro TIG Welding, Orbital Tube Welding

We offer a range of welding services for equipment and infrastructure installation. Do you have a gate, a fence, a wheelchair ramp, or railing that you need installed? Give us a call. Do you have a water tank or pipe system to install? We’re a great choice. For all your metal installation needs, MW Welding has a solution for you.

At MW Welding, we don’t cut corners. We understand the importance of offering durable, long-lasting results for each project. We also value sustainability and resource conservation, which is what makes us so committed to repairs as an alternative to replacement.

MW Welding has experience working with many types of metals. Cast-iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze are just some examples of metals we can repair.

We can repair cracks, reinforce and realign various structures and equipment, and can assess and diagnose a piece of equipment in need of repair. Commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural equipment is no challenge!

We specialize in a range of weld types, meaning that we have the versatility for the work you need to be done. For schools, residential buildings, medical facilities, warehouses and more, contact MW Welding today!

Structural Welding and Metal Fabrication

High-profile organizations cannot afford to lose time with bad welding jobs. After all, it’s the structural integrity of a building or construction we’re talking about. People’s lives, let alone livelihoods are on the line. Any mistake can mean disaster.

We ensure that all our structural welds pass quality tests including visual inspections, heat treatments, and hydrostatic tests. We use the latest computer technology to ensure absolute precision work and flawless welds. Computers allow us to work faster and more efficiently than ever before – who would’ve thought welders would be computer pros too!

In a new structure, we can make recommendations of the best materials to use for your needs. Our welder technicians are expert draftsmen and planners, in addition to their welding abilities. No matter what structure you have in mind, MW Welding has the skills to bring it into fruition.

We believe that welding is a fascinating combination of arts and science. Mixing an intense technical approach with imaginative creativity, we help clients achieve their goals every day. Commercial welding expertise is one of the many reasons we’re Scranton’s first choice for welders.

We excel at new creations as much as the repair of old ones.

We provide certified welding services for clients as diverse as:

  • • General Contractors
  • • Residential developers
  • • Commercial developers
  • • Industrial manufacturers
  • • Municipal infrastructure construction
  • • Retail shops and restaurants

Equipment Repair

We provide the same quality of service to our big clients as to our little ones. There’s no difference to us. Whether we’re building the structures for a commercial property or we’re repairing the frame on a lawn mower—the service remains the same to us.

MW Welding performs weld repair on a large variety of brands and equipment types. If you’re aware of a problem with your metal equipment, but aren’t sure how to fix it, not to worry! Our welding technicians can expertly assess your equipment and recommend the best and most direct course of action.

If you’re an industrial, agricultural, or commercial professional, you depend on your equipment and infrastructure every day. You need to rely on a welder who will not only repair quickly, but durably and completely.

MW Welding can offer free estimates on our equipment repairs, which will include price and duration of the repair.

In no time, your equipment will be restored to its original condition!

So if you have construction equipment that needs to be repaired, please give us a call. Our certified welders can repair cranes, dump trucks, bulldozers, and more. If it requires welding we’re ready to do it.

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

MW Welding is dedicated to unparalleled client satisfaction. We guarantee good work and we have the portfolio to back it up. And a friendly, courteous, and respectful approach is a bonus in an industry that’s not always known for being personable.

Our reputation in the Scranton area speaks for itself. Clients in any industry know they can depend on our expert, detailed approach. Over the years, MW Welding has served many repeat customers as well as referrals who are invariably impressed with the quality of our work.

MW Welding’s success is due to our use of the most innovative products and methods available on the market today. By constantly adapting with the trends, we are helping to create them.

Contact us today to set up a consultation for your next project. Our certified welders are ready to take on your next project!

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions about our welding services, please give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!